Bru Reang Agreement Pib

“It is the result of this faith that their lives are today on the threshold of a new dawn. The agreement paved the way for them to a dignified life. Finally, the new decade of 2020 has brought a new glimmer of hope in the life of the Bru Reang community,” he said. He said it was their conviction that led today to the historic agreement signed this month in Delhi. The agreement was signed in the presence of The Minister of the Interior, Mr. Amit Shah, the Prime Ministers of Tripura and Mizoram, representatives of Bru and senior officials. Under the agreement, some 34,000 refugees from Bru will be settled in Tripura, with the centre providing a set of around 600 crore for their settlement and development. Shri Shah briefed the media and said that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, a lasting solution has been found to this long-standing problem of rehabilitating thousands of Bru Reang in Tripura and they can now envision a bright future. Under the new agreement, he said, about 34,000 refugees from Bru will be settled in Tripura and assisted by the Center to help with their rehabilitation and overall development through a package of about 600 billion rupees. These people would enjoy all the rights of ordinary residents of the states and could now enjoy the benefits of the social systems of the central and Länder governments. The agreement was reached after extensive discussions between the Union government with the national governments of Mizoram and Tripura and representatives of the Bru tribes, and it was decided that the refugees from Bru, he added.

This agreement will provide a lasting solution to the rehabilitation of thousands of Bru Reang in Tripura. The government believes that this agreement will bring them a bright future. The inhabitants of Bru-Reang will be able to enjoy the benefits of all the social systems of the governments. The Prime Minister described this agreement as special because it symbolises the spirit of cooperative federalism. Dance is an integral part of life in Reang. The hojagiri folk dance of the Reang tribe is quite well known all over the world. `Buisu`, not `bihu` is the most popular festival of the reang tribes, the naisingpara hojagiri group is the most popular group among them, late maniram reang is the founder of the dance group naisingpara hojagiri. Hojagiri is more popular in Tripura than in other states. Indigenous people in Mizoram have been living in makeshift camps in Tripura since 1997, after ethnic violence in Mizoram led to the eviction of about 5,000 Bru. . .