Clear Market Provision Underwriting Agreement

All statements, requests, communications and agreements contained in this dash must be sent in writing, and if the transmission of mailing or faxing is sent to Goldman, Sachs and Co. as a representative at One New York Plaza, 42nd Floor, New York, New York, New York 10004, attention: registration service, insurers or faxed; and if the company is indicated by mail, telex or fax to the company`s address in the registration statement, be careful: secretary; provided, however, that, as part of a registered securities offer, the offer`s insurers generally enter into a technical agreement with the securities issuer and potential selling shareholders. However, the limitations inherent in independent fact-checking and the nature of the findings involved in the registration process are so significant that we assume no responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or fairness of the statements contained in the registration statement, the basic prospectus, the prospectus supplement or the price package, except for those made under the title of the above-mentioned actions. , description of preferred shares We may propose fractional or multiple shares of preferred shares, the securities of the preferred shares, the description of the title of the preferred shares and the application of the share insurance agreement, in any event, to the extent that they relate to provisions described in them, the deposit agreement and the stock insurance agreement. In addition, we do not have any opinions or beliefs regarding financial statements or other financial data from the accounting documents contained in the registration statement, the basic prospectus, the prospectus supplement or the price presentation package, nor the report assessing the effectiveness of internal control over financial reports or the final report of the audit firms. which are included in the registration statement, the basic prospectus, the addendum to the prospectus or the price package. (7) In the case of the issuance of certificates of deposit by the custodian against the deposit of the preferred shares, in accordance with the provisions of the deposit contract, the certificates of deposit confer on the persons on whose behalf the supporting documents are registered, the rights mentioned in them and in the filing contract, subject to bankruptcy, insolvency, fraudulent transfer , reorganization, moratorium and similar laws of general application that infringe or infringe the rights of creditors.