Form 906 Closing Agreement

b. compliance with sanctions in the event of non-provision of information. Any failure to attach to the annual report the information required under a single paragraph of section IV. Paragraph B. or paragraph C of Section IV of this Agreement shall be treated as a separate non-provision of information and shall be subject to a separate sanction or penalty under this Section VI, except that the maximum amount of USD 75,000 for the Annual Report as a whole shall not be increased for multiple non-compliance in the same Annual Report. b. The CCTC makes every effort to ensure voluntary termination prior to any disputes listed in Appendices II-1 and II-2, to the extent that they are parties to the trial who are not related to Scientology or individual members of the CCT. At the end of this Agreement, the signatories of the Church and the individual and general members of the CTCC confirm that no entity related to Scientology or person related to Scientology may provide support or support (direct or indirect) in such litigation. CONSIDERING that the Church and the Ministry intend that this final agreement be final and coherent in all areas, but that it is also final and consistent that its provisions relating to the continuation of the obligations and obligations of both parties during the transitional period are generally effective until 31 December 1999; 8. Declaration of certain transfers of assets that reduce the assets of members close to the CTCC society. The annual report discloses the transfer, grant, contribution, loan, payment of services, donation, voluntary or involuntary conversion, exchange, sale or any other transfer of assets by one or more members of the corporate CTCC, where, during the relevant calendar year, the transfer of assets (including, but not limited to, trademarks, copyright, cash, securities, mortgages, etc.) with a total value of 10%; or more than the total value (reflecting higher costs or Mar). (ket) all members of the corporate CTCC at the beginning of the tax year in question. The report shall contain the following information: (i) the name and address of the transferor and the transferee; (ii) the amount and nature of the assets transferred; (iii) the purpose of the transfer; and (iv) whether and, if so, why the CCBC considers that such transfer is for the purposes of the Section 501(c)(3) code.

Transfers, etc. within the entity, affiliation to the CCT shall not be taken into account for the purposes of the report referred to in this paragraph C.8. 1. The CTCC may use the information described in point A.4 of Section V. only to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of their obligations under this Convention, to inform the parishioners of the Church of the provisions of Section VII of this Convention. Taxable persons must ensure that the agreement clearly defines the issues on which the taxpayer wishes to agree. The terms of the agreement must be described very carefully. The possibility of retroactive legislation should be addressed in the agreement. As a general rule, with regard to retroactive legislation, the agreement may stipulate that no subsequent modification or modification of the legislation in force renders the agreement inoperative.

In addition, the taxable person must be careful not to include unnecessary statements or questions which could subsequently be considered part of the agreement and which are therefore binding. “In general. The Commissioner may enter into a written agreement with any person as to the liability of that person (or the person or estate for which he or she is acting) with respect to an internal income tax for each taxation period that ends before or after the date of this agreement. . . .