Moose Lodge Hall Rental Agreement

If you rent your room, fraternal property or facilities either for a fixed amount of money or free of charge (no charge), you must ensure that the requirements below are met when alcohol is sold, served, given or consumed during such a rental. These terms apply whether or not you rent to a Moose member. All other requirements, including requirements for leasing by the Governor General`s Office, remain fully effective. Due to COVID-19, we cannot currently offer the building for rent. Failure to comply with these requirements results in them not having insurance coverage for rental rights. Whatever your celebration, the Santa Rosa Moose Lodge Event Center offers something for everyone, including a 3220 square meter lobby with a small kitchen, a large kitchen and a bar with big screen TV, pool tables and shuffleboard. Your lodge, tenant and Moose International, Inc. must be designated as insured under this coverage. You must receive proof of this coverage prior to the event. The only authorized company Hall Rental Insurance Insurance is the nationwide Mutual Insurance Company policy, which was purchased by K&K Insurance Group, Inc. Call Lorrie (412) 487-9055 to make an appointment or stop by at any time! 707 546 0637 (please leave a message, your call is returned). .

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