Scottish Water Wholesale Services Agreement

Scottish Water carries out statutory inspections to companies to ensure that sanitary and water pipes are up to date. If you are not satisfied with the result made available to you by WATRS, you can contact Ofwat. Ofwat is the economic regulator of the water sector in England, it is a non-ministerial government department. The Central Market Agency (CMA) keeps a record of customers who are served by which licensed provider. The CMA calculates the wholesale fees we are charged for each refueling point. For more details on how to calculate wholesale rates, visit the CMA website. The CMA publishes preliminary and comparative comparative reports that we use to calculate our costs. We charge payments due from or to any licensed provider. As a result, we insert invoices and voting invoices. Payment terms are available in the Wholesale Services Agreement.

Scottish Water is the water wholesaler in Scotland, while Business Stream is one of many licensed water suppliers. This means that Scottish Water owns and operates the country`s water infrastructure, while Business Stream provides the country`s businesses with water and sanitation services in the retail trade. If you remain dissatisfied, you can ask the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman (SPSO) to investigate your complaint. The SPSO is the final stage of public service complaints in Scotland. As the water wholesaler and owner of the Scottish Water infrastructure was unable to do so, Business Stream was created as a separate organisation to compete shoulder to shoulder with other suppliers in the newly opened retail market. Given that Business Stream is a new water retailer created directly by Scottish Water, many steps have been taken not to give us an unfair advantage over other new retailers. In particular, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland Business Stream has defined the following three tests to ensure that we are working on another Scottish Water distance selling: our ability to pass all three tests has been recognised when licensing our water and sewerage services. No no.

Before Business Stream obtained its licence, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland implemented governance arrangements that ensure independent decision-making for Scottish Water as a wholesaler and Business Stream as a retailer. This requirement is unique for Business Stream as a historical retailer and ensures a level playing field in the market. The Consumer Council for Water is the independent representative of water consumers in England. For more information about our services, see our Terms and Conditions. Our licences issued by the Water Industry Commission allow us to operate in Scotland and offer water and sanitation services to business customers. Our water and sanitation charges are updated annually on April 1. They are based on standard services, standards and maximum tariffs updated and published annually by the industry regulator, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland. You can see all the fees for all our services here so you know what you can expect on this year`s bill. .