Zmiany W Learning Agreement

Master`s students – the changes must be submitted by the Virtual Dean (the change submission procedure is available on the DSM website; the change form applies to all students, including those who do not report changes). The apprenticeship agreement is approved by the ects coordinator of the university of origin and the coordinator of the foreign party. The document on the apprenticeship agreement for Erasmus trips, whether original or electronic, consists of three components: a) the section that must be closed before mobility – contains a list of educational components, for example. B the subjects that the student intends to conclude abroad (Table A) and that the higher university has accepted, as well as a list of UEP subjects that are automatically assigned to the student after passing the program shown in Table A. Table B is the internal document of the issuing university, so the names of the subjects can be entered into Polish. B. Section to be completed during mobility – contains a list of items that will be removed and added at the same time as the cause of the DE change, as well as a list of UEP themes that will be replaced by educational components made abroad when these changes affect the scope of Table B.c. The section that must be completed after mobility – the results of the recognition contain a list of the results of the studies. This may be a separate copy of the records issued by a foreign university within 5 weeks of the publication of the results by the classes that run classes.

The apprenticeship agreement, which is used for other study trips, has a simplified form (annex). Bilateral agreements, PIM, Freemover, German-Polish Academic Forum (and dual degree programmes without Erasmus scholarship) Form LA (modifications) must be completed in accordance with the instructions and emailed to the competent ECTS coordinator who signs modifications to LA. A scan of the signed document must be forwarded to the study director for approval and he is required to inform the foreign university that changes to the course of study/training have been approved by the student`s home university.